So I’m a designer and blogger, mum of two I live in Devon in the UK.  This blog is a way of sharing with the you everything I have learnt and what I have changed in my life to stay healthy, happy and content in life whilst being the best mum I can and get what I want out out life.

I have always been into reading personal development books. They have helped me to pick up ideas about how to work more productively, separate work and family time, create better habits and how important “me time” is. 

Realising looking after yourself is a necessity is one of the biggest mindset barriers you can breakthrough. I now know how important it is to make sure I am feeling good.  Being healthy and happy means that I am able to be there for my kids physically, emotionally and give them everything they need.

The biggest tip I have for personal development of any kind is that if I made small changes one at a time rather than trying to change everything at once things were easier to make into a long term habit.

Taking  time to reflect on yourself and find calm in this busy world can benefit us in so many ways.  Learning to slow down a bit has enabled me to look back at how far I have already come and what I have achieved in my life that I am proud of and also make some new goals to work towards.

A balanced life is not something that is ever perfected but constant flow of learning improving and evolving. Learning to live more intentionally and stop worrying about things that are not important has meant that I achieve more of what I want, I am much more content and am the best mum I can be. 

This blog is a way of sharing all the ideas that have proved most helpful to me along the way.  I wanted to put some helpful content out there in a world that can sometimes feel like a crazy place that doesn’t make any sense.  I really believe that if we are kind and try to help each other with sharing our wealth of knowledge it will make the world a better place.

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What is the one thing you cant live without?

Music. It gives me a boost when I need it and life would just be boring without it.

Is there a book that you think everyone should read?

How to be a Badass by Jen Sincero

Best way you like to relax?

Doing a face mask with my two girls

What is your favourite food?

Anything spicy – a veggie yellow curry is the latest craving

Favourite outfit of the moment?

Any of my workout gear. Yoga pants with a stylish sweatshirt.

Favourite makeup item?

Benefit Porefessional

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Ice cream, vanilla all the way.

Is there a magazine that you read regularly?

New scientist, which seems surprising but they have a lot of really great articles.

Favourite film?

Ready Player One.  A great story line with unexpected twists and turns.

Who is your inspiration?

I love following Idillionaire.  Here social media posts are uplifting and motivating and she is giving back wth what she puts out. I have yet to read her new book though.

A quote that you live by?

Life is a balance on holding on and letting go – Rumi

So what is life balance? 

Newsflash….work life balance doesn’t isn’t exist.

Sorry what?

Yes I’m not kidding, its not an actual thing we can ever get but we do need to be aware of how we are spending our time and that one thing is not taking over our life and the important things and and people suffering because of it, like spending every possible hour at the office and hardly getting to see you kids is something you will regret when they are grown up and you cant get the time back, or the opposite unbalance you may be a stay at home parent and you feel unfulfilled and have lost your identity. 


This blog is about learning that we cant have it all and how to live an intentional life. 

Its full of tips and life hacks to improve your well being,  

figure out whats important to you, 

simplify your time and activities,

learning to dream again,

making personal goals and a plan to achieve them,

and most of all be content with what you have.


Join me on the ever evolving journey to living more mindfully, change the way the world thinks and helping others realise the potential they have to live like this too.


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