My Ultimate Tips to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


The Best Motivation for Health and Fitness


I am passionate about healthy living, not in a way that means I cant enjoy treats and let my hair down, but in way that I feel it is something that can improve anyone’s quality of life.

For me its not about denying yourself of anything  but ultimately about moderation and making conscious healthy choices generally to nourish your body with goodness and work at its best. 

Health is something that I have become even more interested in the older I have become.  When we are young we can feel like we are going to live forever and often treat our bodies badly without giving much thought to the long term effects.

As time takes hold we see changes start to happen in our body and are presented with the realisation that how we look after ourselves can either keep us healthy and young or . This makes us consider what we can do to prevent ageing and illness.

My reasons for looking into how to improve my health and wellbeing have been brought about by the experience I have had throughout my life of general fatigue and many down days in the past.  When I was looking to make changes to my lifestyle I realised quickly that you actually need to do this from the inside out and the more natural the methods the better.

Trying to put a sticking plaster on by treating the symptoms doesn’t fix any of your problems.  Focusing on external appearance will not help you feel better and is only a quick fix. 

The basic idea is that energy, wellbeing and how your body feels is pretty much a direct result of how you have treated your body, what you have been exposed to and what you have fuelled your body along with genetics.

When I started to understand this and actually make this connection it all made more sense and I realised I had the power to make positive changes to my wellbeing.

For example I found that when I ate sugar, although it was a pick me up it also made my blood sugar drop drastically a few hours later making me lack energy and my mood to deteriorate.

Understanding this makes it so much easier to avoid sugar more often as I know I will be avoiding the energy slump and maintaining my energy levels throughout my day at work.

Also when I started introducing more vegetables in my diet I suddenly felt like my body actually craved them and couldn’t go a meal without any vegetables on my plate.  It was like my body was telling me what it needed. 

Over the last year I have progressed to almost cutting out meat completely as I feel lighter and have improved digestion.

There are so many other gradual changes I have made and I really believe every one’s digestion is different so one way of eating doesn’t work for all, but less processed food, more fresh ingredients, raw if possible will benefit everyone. 

Juices and smoothies are also now a regular daily part of my diet. They give me a vitamin and hydration hit first thing and set my body up for the day. 


Fitness is another aspect of my life that has become a firm essential.  I realised in my twenties that I got lethargic when I didn’t exercise, but it is only in the last few years I have really been able to be more consistent with it. 

I have now made the discovery that exercising regularly is actually easier because you aren’t having to rebuild your strength and fitness up again and again.  With a certain level of fitness its not such a struggle and you don’t feel like you are pushing yourself to your limit. 

Focusing on the tiredness and lack of energy was making things worse for me.  When I changed my outlook and started to find ways to improve my energy levels rather than complaining about the tiredness I was able to give my body what it

actually needed. 

Sometimes the answer is genuinely sleep or rest but a lot of the time getting active and fuelling you body right can make a big difference.

So although we all love to look good and this is a huge motivator for getting fit and healthy, when the focus is on feeling good from the inside out you make different choices.  Its more about doing whats right for your body rather than a quick fix. 

Looking after myself makes me feel good and, not just about what it does for my external appearance.  Eating well and staying fit makes me feel good about myself for me.  Its not about what anyone else thinks, its really just so that I feel the best I possibly can and feel like myself.   When I am myself I feel happy and content and thats why I keep going with it all.  Thats why its not difficult to make daily healthy choices.

Daily routines of early morning exercise or movement my, hydrating well and taking healthy food with me on the go gives me the energy for my day and wakes up my brain. After this I feel like I’m ready to take on the world. 

While we all like to feel good about how we look ultimately my end goal is to feel amazing through nourishing my body as naturally was possible.

I don’t waste time feeling guilty about the years I spent not treating my body as well as I could by eating junk food, far too much sugar, too much alcohol, caffeine and not exercising enough.

I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know that consuming all these things makes you crave them more. 

Now I understand this, how my body and energy levels work, and how it affects my mood I want to give my body all the goodness I possibly can and experience the benefits of it.

I know that eating badly and not exercising for a few days makes me feel rubbish. Its not to say that it never happens, but getting back to my usual routines and habits are much easier as I know what to do t get back to being myself me again soon.

Healthy living is not about depriving myself for punishing myself with exercise, its about self respect and treating myself with the love I deserve.  If you don’t look after yourself who will?

My top energy building habits:

  • Cutting down on caffeine
  • Morning exercise or movement
  • Hydration first thing and throughout the day
  • Avoiding sugary snacks
  • Eating smaller portions and more often
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