How to Have a Self Care Sunday that Makes you Happy

What is Self Care Sunday?

Self care Sunday is a phrase that I have taken on recently.  The idea is about taking one day in the week (which doesn’t have to be a Sunday by the way) and prioritising your own wellbeing in whatever way works for you. 

The reason why Sunday is a good day is because it sets you up for the week ahead.

Self care could be about the physical things like your skin care routine, hair maintenance or general preening and pampering to nourish your body and make you feel good about yourself. 

Or it could be more about your mind, doing calming activities like a walk in the fresh air to take your mind away from the day to day and any stress or doing some exercise.

A fun activity such as a jog, swim, bike ride or even something more adventurous like a trip to a climbing wall to get the oxygen flowing around your body, wake you up and let your hair down a bit.


The point is that whatever you find good for your soul or makes your feel good about yourself then do that. 

Its really about remembering why it is essential to spend time on ourselves and setting aside time to make sure you do this. 

If we don’t make the time for ourselves then its gets shoved to the bottom of the pile and we spend all our time tackling the to do list, looking after the family, or pleasing everyone else.

You can spend the whole day focusing on self care if you have the time, but that may be difficult around family life if you are a mum like me. 

I would say the minimum time each week to spend on your self care is 2 hours.  However you do this, the main thing is to ensure you have that time to yourself to do something you will benefit from, feel refreshed and better about yourself afterwards.

A few ideas about how you could introduce self care to your week:

  • Allow yourself an extra 30 mins each evening before bed to do your self care routine focusing on a different thing each night. 
  • Block out some time on a your day off or a weekend to do the a few things that you know will make you feel amazing for the rest of the weekend and the week ahead. 
  • Arrange to do something with a friend like a walk or a gym session to make sure you don’t back out. 
  • Set aside some time on a Sunday evening when everything else is organised for the week ahead and the kids are in bed to do a face mask or paint your nails so you start the week feeling great.
  • Take a few hours to sit and just read the book you have started but just sits by your bed.  Whether you to get lost in a novel or reading personal development books is your thing the time will be much better spent than in print of the TV or scrolling through your phone.

By making this time an appointment in your personal diary means that you do it regularly. 

Taking time to look after you and your needs every week will help you feel more content and much more grounded.  You will be able to be more present and be an even better wife, mother, friend for those around you.

You will give yourself head space think and figure things out.  This will help you to be more intentional with your time and energy, and simplify your life by giving up things that no longer serve you. 

Give yourself space to be just you.  Look after your body. Look after your mind. Do what makes you feel happy.  Make yourself a priority.


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