The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein – Book Review

Did this book help me wake up to faith and joy?


When you first come across Gabrielle Bernstein on social media or in the press you see her as an influencer that is  knowledgeable and a modern lifestyle guru but when you read her story in this book you realise that she is just like any of us. 

Life has its ups and down and she is evidence that it is how you respond to the it that determines how your day or your path works out.

Even now when Gabrielle has such and understanding of how the universe works life still surprises her and teaches her daily.

Her main message through this book is how we need to focus on the good, believe we have the power to change our lives, listen to what situations are trying to tell us and do everything with love.

Gabrielle talks about all these theories in detail in a way that keeps you interested and gives a really good understanding of the whole concept.

She explains how you can:

  • Use visualisation to make your dreams into a reality
  • Pay attention to your thoughts as these affect you  energy and how you communicate with others
  • Free yourself from fear by putting trust in yourself and the universe.
  • Shed old ways by being willing to embrace a new way of being

The subject of meditation is brought up a lot through the book. Now if you are new to this it might be a bit full on for you but if you are open to giving it a go she uses it in its of different ways:

  • Help cement ideas through affirmations
  • Ground and connect with yourself
  • Ask for guidance

The book kept me wanting to turn the next page. Its an honest and open words excited me to develop this mindset further and try an include it in every day. 

It shows how you can apply these concepts to modern life today and Gabrielle gives inspiration by showing how anyone can put their life on a more positive path and live a more rewarding, content existence by taking these ideas on and applying them.

I will be reading more of Gabrielle’s and also lots of other personal development books so watch our for more reviews.

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You can get a copy of the book here


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