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If you already follow me or have read y other blogs I promote craft and mindful hobbies and a way of calming the mind, relaxing and as a good way to balance out the business of the world.  This wall hanging was one of the best therapeutic craft projects I have done as it was so easy that once I had planned it I just worked away and got lost in the process.

I had a large area of wall that I wanted to fill and had the idea to make something really simple that would also be fun to make. This took me a few hours to complete but I spread it out over a few weeks and just picked it up when I felt like it or had spare time in the evenings.

Here is a step by step of how I put it together.

I used:

  • DK Curiosity wool in Sunset  (any thick graduation colour wool will work)
  • A 2 metre length of copper pipe  (could use wood or any other pipe)
  • Small dress making scissors  (any scissors as one as they are sharp)
  • Large 1 metre ruler  (or any long straight edge)

I had a few balls of wool and a copper pipe the length of the wall area.  I wasn’t sure which will I was going to use so I tested them first and then decided on the lighter colour ball with graduating colour to get the ombre effect.

I determined the length of the wool strands by cutting the first piece double the length of the height of the space it needed to be.  Then each piece was measured against the first piece so that they were all roughly the same length.  It didn’t have to be accurate as I would tidy up at the end.

I did this with the pipe laid out on the floor so I had a large area to work with. You could use a table also if you don't want to work on the floor.

The wool strands were fixed by folding in half, forming a loop at one end which.  The wool can be knotted here to make it more secure but it is best to just loop it until you have all the wool on the pipe in case you need to make any adjustments.

I kept cutting and looping the wool strands onto the pipe in the order that they came off the ball so that the colours flowed with the design of the ball of wool.  The ombre effect worked really well and was so easy to achieve with this type of wool.

The ball of wool I had covered half of the pipe so I got another ball of the same wool to fill the whole pipe.



When I had strung all the wool I put the hanging up on the wall to check it and there is was easier to adjust the position of all the wool to lose any gaps and make sure it was centred.

Then I trimmed along the bottom edge to tidy it up using a large straight ruler as a guide.  I didn’t want it to look completely perfect as the wool moves around and its meant to look quite natural.  I just cut it so that it wall all the same length and looked straight to the eye.

This was such a easy wall hanging to make.  Really anyone could do it and the beauty of it was that you don’t need very many items to make it or any special equipment.

The wool I used was great.  Its available in lots of other colour ways so I may make some more hangings in other colours. Keep an eye on my Instagram page for updates on these.

Give it a go and tag me in your posts to show me your wall hanging pics @flourishwithlou



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