Juicer Review

Philips Viva Collection Compact Juicer

Dimensions – W15cm x D17cm x H31cm

Material & Finish – Plastic, Black & Clear

Capacity – 1.5 Litre

Energy Class A

Model no. HR1832/01


At the lower end juicer pricing this juicer is great value for money for many reasons.

For one it works. It rarely gets jammed with anything and can take high volumes of veg.

It looks neater than most juicers as its nice a round rather than oddly shaped.  The shape also means it takes up less space of the worktop.

It is really easy to dismantle and put back together.  Cleaning is easy as it only takes seconds to scoop out the fruit and veg fibers from the tray.

It also has a nifty spout that you can turn around to stop the juice flow.

Its really reasonably priced so doesn’t break the bank to purchase. There are also higher wattage and larger versions of this if you want something with a bit more oomph. I juice almost everyday and it has proved to be excellent for my needs.

If you are just starting out with juicing this is an ideal purchase.  If you want to upgrade to a more industrial juicer later on then you still can.

For more reviews and product details click here.

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Happy juicing!

If you need some inspiration for juice recipes then Jason Vale is the go to guy to read.  His also has a great story of how he went from overweight, a smoker, completely  unhealthy lifestyle and various health issues to radically changing his diet and transforming his life with the help of juicing.

For more info on this book click here.


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