5 Easy Hobby Ideas to Try at Home for a Calm Mind

How to really relax at home with in your spare time with hobbies that will let you do this.

Relaxation, unwinding after a busy day and doing something just for you that you enjoy are the most important things to make sure you incorporate in your spare time. 

In recent years I have tried to make a positive changes with how I use my time, be more intentional with my choices and use my time more wisely. Life can find you pulled in all different directions and unless we make conscious choices about the activities we do, making sure we allow time for family, friends and also for ourselves we can find ourselves suffering overwhelm.

For me this blog is one of the things that has provided me with a constructive activity to do in my spare time, and when I am at home in the evenings and the kids are in bed or I just need something to pass the time on a weekend while I am unwinding rather that automatically switching on the TV I like to have a few hobbies I can pick up and put down easily and can allow my brain to switch off.

As a creative person I love to keep myself busy with craft activities or small home improvement projects.  Reading also allows you to expand your mind, escape from reality with a story or give you new ideas about anything.  There could be and endless list of possibilities but here are my favourite and easiest activities that I would recommend you try if you need more chill out time. 


I have a few standard recipes that are easy to knock up such as butter biscuits or cupcakes that the kids can decorate later which they love and will keep them occupied for ages. I also like to try a new and different ingredients when Im feeling more adventurous like the courgette drizzle cake I made recently that you can see a pic of on my instagram page.

I believe baking doesn’t have to be perfect. Things wont come out right each time.  Its the fun in the process that matters. As log as you remember that it will be fun.



If you haven’t done this before or since you were young I would encourage giving it a go.  Just jotting down thoughts, feelings and ideas can really help you figure things out when you feel overwhelmed or lost.  It has helped me realise whats important to me and what I really want to aim for with my life.  It also just helps to get things off your chest before you go to be or first thing in the morning so you are able to stop the chatter in your mind.

If its something that yo really find helpful you can buy yourself a really pretty notebook that will look great on you bedside table.

You can do this anywhere you want.  I like to find a nice cosy spot or you could even venture outside or to your favourite spot to really get away, unwind and calm your mind.



There are so many ways to paint and so many materials to use.  You can simply paint from photographs or pictures you find with watercolour paints in a small notepad or you can buy some simple plain canvasses and paint anything you want with acrylic or oil paints.  I like to paint quite large canvasses with acrylics and I get lost doing this for hours. The possibilities are endless.  You could paint abstract shapes with bright colours, landscapes or seascapes or more ordered graphic or geometric shapes.  It can be relatively cheap to buy a few brushes, paints and canvases or art paper and you can add to your materials over time. Its a great way to make something to brighten up any space in your home or complete the room decor with co-ordinated art. 


Get green fingered

Gardening for the warmer months doesn’t have to mean being an expert. Planting a few pots with bedding plants is super easy or giving the garden a simple tidy up can so so satisfying. Indoors adding a few easy to care for houseplants looks great when done simply.  Keep pots Palin and neutral colour such as grey, white, black or taupe and group plats together for a more modern display. This gives you something to tend to each day and caring for them can help you switch off. Succulents are one of the easiest types of plants and are readily available at the moment.  They also look great in a minimal space of you are trying the less is more thing like me and want you r home to be more clutter free.

Repotting is also really simple.  All you need is a trowel and some compost and you are away. Literally anyone can do it.


Knitting & Crochet

The basics of both of these are easy to pick up.  Either getting someone to show you the basics or go on to you tube to watch some tutorials.  Making easy thing such as crochet flowers that you could put on cards and make a string of decorations for your Childs room or knitting something simps like a scarf is a great starting point.  It is so therapeutic and you can still chat to someone while doing it too. The plus side of this hobby is that you can take it pretty much anywhere with you.


I like to have one or two things on the go that I can dive into whenever I feel like it.  If I am super tired I might just chose to read a few pages of a book or listen to music.  For the times when I need to rest but want something to switch off my mind I keep some activities like these on the go.  I find they serve me so much better that mindless television.  I feel happier and more content when I have spent time on something just for me. 

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