10 Reasons why yoga is so good for you

Amazing benefits of yoga for your health

Improves flexibility and balance

Flexibility is something that decreases over time and can make you feel less agile if you don’t pay attention to it.  Regular stretching with yoga will build up and help you feel fitter and really supple.

Compliments other sports

There are tons of yoga stretches for every body part and there is one that will help aching muscles whatever you have been up to. It can also build strength to help you improve at another sport.

Doesn’t even feel like exercise

You will build and tone muscle without even realising it.  A yoga session feels relaxing and calming  but by holding the poses you are working on your strength which you may notice the next day.

Calms the mind

A yoga session focuses on breathing and usually has mediation or relaxation to finish which really helps calm the mind and connect you with your inner zen.

Gives you amazing core strength

Yoga really is one of the best activities for core strength.  The plank, standing poses and twists will build a core to make Peter Andre back in the 90’s jealous.

You can do it pretty much anywhere

All you need is a mat and you are good to go.  Its one of the simplest activities to start including in your life and you can take it anywhere, your garden, the park, the beach, or on the top of a skyscraper if you are more adventurous.


Encourages good posture

Slouching is one of the worst things for your back health and yoga is brilliant for improving posture as it builds up back muscles, especially in the lower back and encourages you to push your shoulders back.

Helps circulation

The movement makes the blood flow and deliver more oxygen sound your body.  Head and shoulder stands are the best thing for getting blood to your head which helps your brain power too.

Helps you sleep better

The whole yoga session topped off by the mediation at the end leaves you feeling super chilled. It also helps clear your mind of all the chatter and this all helps you get to sleep more easily and gives you a more restful night.

Keeps you young

All the health benefits combined make you feel like a teenager again and keep you feeling that way. 

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