Coffee Sack Bench Seat Project DIY

How to make a bench seat with coffee sacks


I was given some coffee sacks by a lovely dear friend and had been meaning to make a bench for my hallway for a while. 

The coffee sacks would make a perfect seat cover for the bench I had in mind.  It needed to be made to fit the space as I couldn’t find any benches to buy that were the perfect size to fit under my coat rack.

Here is what I used to bring it all together:

  • Hessian coffee sacks
  • Plywood seat base – cut to size
  • Metal hairpin legs – purchased here
  • Foam padding – cut to size
  • Plain light weight fabric to line
  • Staple gun

Key stages of the bench construction:

  1. Collected all the items together, cut the foam size with a sharp Stanley knife.
  2. Cut the coffee sack pieces - one for the top and one for underneath to hide the seams.
  3. Cut the icing fabric piece.
  4. Ironed the coffee sack and the lining with neat hems for the underneath coffee sack piece.
  5. Stapled the coffee sack and lining around the foam padding and plywood, pulling quite taught, with careful attention to the corners. 
  6. Stapled the underneath fabric piece.
  7. Screwed on metal legs which turned out to be really sturdy.

And Voila!

I am pretty blooming pleased with the result. It is the perfect addition to my entrance hall and looks really neat as it fits the space so well.

Had so much fun making it too.  Craft projects are one of my favourite therapy. So good for de-stressing and getting lost in creativity.

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The metal hairpin legs I used were excellent quality, really well made, easy to fit and really secure once fitted. This supplier offers different sizes so you can make different height tables, benches, stools or anything else.

Here are the different sizes they offer:

I used for my bench: SkiSki  - 40 cm height metal hairpin legs set

SkiSki  - 71 cm height metal hairpin legs set

SkiSki  - 30 cm metal hairpin legs set


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