How to write your mantra to shift your mindset

What is a mantra?

Personal development junkie that I am I came across this idea a few years ago when having some coaching sessions with a wonderful coach who brought about big changes in my mindset.   Another word for mantra it is affirmation.  which is essentially the same thing.

The idea is to identify one thing or key things that are important to you, that you need to make happen or improve at. Then use affirmations to cement them in your mind and make them a reality. 

If there is something you desperately want to change or achieve that you haven’t been able to so far then you need to change something in order to get there.  If you keep doing what you have been doing you will only get the same results.

The method works in a similar way to a vision board but is more intentional and a faster route to really work on changing your mindset in order to achieve your goals or get past anything getting in your way of being happy.

As we know our mindset determines so many things in our daily lives.   

It determines how we see any situation and then the way we choose to deal with it. 

It determines whether we even try to have a go at things, if we carry on trying after things don’t work first time and when we give up. 

It determines if things make us happy or upset us, how we see ourselves in general and how far we progress with whatever we choose to focus our time on. 

When you look into it there are often things holding you back. Working out what these things are is key to what you want to develop and need help to push you self to the next level.

There are a few easy steps to writing your own mantra:

  • Write a list of 10 things you want to improve or become.
  • Cross out 5 things on the list that are not the top items
  • Cross out 2 more things that are not the key items.
  • You are left with 3 key things that you want to work at.
  • Rewrite these things in a positive way as a phrase that is a statement about yourself.

Repeat these sentences to yourself 3 times a day for 21 days to cement them in your mind. 

If you miss a day you need to start the 21 days again.  This will start a process to change your mindset about how you see yourself. 

It also resets your focus and helps you time finds ways to work at the things you have chosen as to prioritise. 

You can write a new mantra when you have finished the 21 days or you ca take a break and start again when you feel the need.  Its a really easy tool to incorporate into your morning routine, while brushing your teeth, eating meals or getting ready for bed. 

Setting reminders on your phone for 3 key times in the day to encourage you to say your affirmations is a top tip.

Feeding your mind with what you want to learn, how you want to see yourself or with an image of what you want to become will get you there in no time. 

You need to believe something is possible before you can make it a reality.

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