Why making a vision board will take your life to the next level

What to put on a vision board

Once you have made a vision board you will totally get it.  Not only are they super fun to make, they help you refine your list of desirables not just in material things but also how you want your life to look and how you want to feel.

So the basics are :

You collect a load of images, text, jot down your own words and find something to stick them on.  Pretty simple huh?

What types of images do you find?

Anything you want in your life,  what you want to make a habit of, things you want to achieve, skills you want to master, a type of job you want to do, anything you want to be able to afford, something you want to become an expert at, anything you want to start doing that you aren’t able to now or anything you want to get that isn’t available to you now. Find an image that identifies everything you dream about even if it seems like a long shot.

Basically anything you want to have in your life that you don’t have now.

Look at in in areas of your life like you would for your goals:

  • Family & Relationships
  • Skills Qualifications & Career
  • Health and fitness
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle
  • Home
  • Travel

There may be a few things that are at the forefront of your mind that you already know you want to achieve but you really want to identify all the main things and possibly a few others you haven’t thought about yet. 

The way to do this is to flick through images in magazines or online which you can print out.  See what jumps out at you and collect all the ones that take your fancy.  You might not know why you are picking each one exactly but just collect a whole load until you have enough to fill a board twice over.

Then you need to lay out all your images and arrange them in groups of sections they belong to.  Go through each section and select all your favourite images.  Lay them all out on the board and see if you need to reduce the amount of images or if you have enough to show all your most important goals.

Check if there is anything you have missed and search for any last images if there are any key elements of your goals or desires missing.

A vision board is a really personal thing and you may like yours packed with as much images and text as can fit on the page, you may like to have less images and text and be more specific with your goals.  You may even like to put a backing of coloured or patterned paper to make it more fun or work with your decor. 

You may want your images and text positioned very neatly or you may way to stick things how they land on the page at all angles.  It really depends on your taste but the board should reflect your personality and align with your goals.

I like to be organised and neat as much as my life allows so my boards always tend to reflect this.

Then when you are happy with the arrangement stick it down and cement this images as your goals.

What to do with it:

Put it in a place where you will see it regularly.  I put mine in various places such as on the side of the fridge in the kitchen or on the wall by the desk in my home office or the inside of your wardrobe door is another good place.  Anywhere you will see it often then forget about if for a while.

I tend to revisit mine about once a year.  There is no hard and fast rule but it just seems to happen that way.  I will be looking at my vision board and then realise that I have achieved most of the the things I have put on there or my goals might have changed slightly so I need images that are either more inline with where I am headed now or are a step further on. 

The best thing about making the vision board is the process.  You can do it alone or with friends as a group activity even.  Either will have the same result and will be fun. 

You can even make a vision board using a cut digital layout programme like photoshop if you are handy in that way.  Here is an example board I have made to show you what yours could look like.


Example vision board - pack as many images on the page as possible

There is an unusual sense of achievement when you finish your board.  I think its because by putting the images together in front of you its like you are cementing them into your future and the goals seem more real already.

The reason the whole process helps make your goals a reality is because mental imagery and visualising is such a powerful thing when it comes to the mind.

What you focus your thoughts on and what you believe you make a reality.  By positioning key images in front of you you mind focuses on those ideas and your subconscious finds ways to make them happen. 

It is a bizarre thing when you pick ups your vision board months or years later after you have made it and probably forgotten all about it and seeing which goals you have turned into a reality in your life. The brain really is a wonderful thing and using tricks like this to help it work to make positive change and direct your life in the way you want is a sure way to find contentment in your every day.

I have used a vision board to start making exercise more regular thing, improve my health and fitness, achieve career goals, start designing the sorts of projects that excite me as well as moving into a home that has so much more than I could have hoped for.

Its as if you put the pieces of the puzzle in front of you and then your brain without you realising connects the dots and works out how to make it happen.

I actually now contract my vision boards on my laptop on a layout programme which you can also do if you have access to pages, photoshop, indesign or any other similar programmes. However if you are not skilled in layout programmes it may be quicker to cut and stick and get creative that way. 

Have you had anything appear in your life that you have put on a vision board or a picture that you have stuck somewhere?  I would love to hear your stories of how this process has changed your life too.

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