Have You Listened to Your Self Talk?

The Power of Positive Self Talk

The way you speak to yourself has a huge impact on your mindset and response to things that happen to you. 

When I first read about negative self talk it wasn’t something I had ever given a second thought.

Until my mind was opened up to this I had never even thought about, let alone addressed how I speak to myself.  I didn’t realise the impact this could have on how your life turns out. 

The way we think directly effects the decisions we make and the chances we take, turn down or don’t even realise are available to us.

Here’s the bottom line:

“What we think we become” Buddha

Our self talk directly affects us in so many ways:

  • How you handle every situation
  • How you feel about yourself
  • Your confidence levels
  • Your ability to achieve anything you set out to do
  • Closes or opens your mind to opportunity
  • Can make you dwell on a negative situation for too long

When I started noticing how I speak to myself the majority of it was extremely negative.  It was a sort of defence mechanism I had developed to deal with situations that didn’t go as I wanted, but ultimately I was putting the blame on myself and telling myself it was because I was not good enough or that I was stupid.

How crazy does that sound?

The even crazier thing was that I realised it wasn’t going to be simple to change.  When you have been doing something for so long it is ingrained in you as a habit and it takes time and conscious effect to change these habits. 

As everything with personal development this will always be an evolving process that will never be complete but the way I have counteracted this is to have a response to myself when these negative thoughts enter my mind.  Replacing the comment with and uplifting, encouraging positive statement overtime gradually changes the habit and makes a new one.

Here what you can do to change your negative self talk:

  • Write a positive mantra that will contradict any negative ones you have
  • Stop and take a moment when you find yourself talking in a negative way. 
  • Immediately replace the comment with an encouraging one, or your mantra.
  • Take some deep breaths and step back from the situation to look at the bigger picture
  • Recognise the emotion you are feeling and if there is any action you need to take
  • If you find it too hard decide to address the situation when you have been able to rest
  • Talk it through with friend to help put it into perspective
  • Repeat your mantra 3 times a day for 21 days to make it a reality in your mind.

The only way children thrive is if they are nurtured, encouraged and praised for what they have done well. 

We should treat ourselves in this way too.  If we want to flourish we need to nurture ourselves. 

Recognise if you make a mistake and need to do something differently next time, then move on. 

If you are able to say “oh well never mind” more often and figure what to do next that will get you to where you want to be you will be sure to have much less stress and more contentment in your day.

Kindness and encouragement the only way to make yourself thrive.

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4 Responses

  1. Negative self-talk can be so destructive like you say – we are often so down on ourselves it’s no wonder we can struggle with low self-esteem. I like the idea of more positive self-talk and will try and give this a go! Thank you!

    1. Hey Natalie, there is no quick fix to changing patterns like this we have formed over years but becoming aware of it will help start to make this change for the better. It is something you have control over and you will see that becoming your own cheerleader will help you be the best version of yourself possible.

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