Wooden Bead Lampshade DIY

Wooden Beaded Lamp Shade How To

I have wanted a beaded chandelier type lampshade for a while now and thought it would be fun to have a go at making one myself so I got creative and here is how I did it.

I bought a some beaded seat covers which I took apart to use the beads.  This took a bit of time but was the best way to get the amount of beads I needed. 

I wanted to wooden beads for that natural feel but they weren’t the right colour so I bought some white furniture spray paint. I gave them a quick spray to prime them before constructing the shade.

Then I took apart a basic drum lampshade I didn’t want anymore to use the metal hoop and fixing piece that would slot into my ceiling light fitting.

I used thin white wire to thread the beads onto the wire and made runs of 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 in equal amounts.  When I had enough of these I gave them another spray with the white paint. 

The beads on wire then fixed onto the metal hoop in order of size using pliers. I fixed them loosely and checked they fitted and I had enough to fill the hoop then tightened the wire  and fixing any sharp ends.

I then made another set of beaded wire runs for the top part using another small metal hoop I had bought separately.  I adjusted all the beads so they sat in line and hung correctly, gave another really good spray with the white paint, left to dry and the lampshade was ready to hang.  It looked even better with the light on.  I was really pleased with the result which cost a fraction of the price it would have been to purchase one ready made. 

I have some dark beads left over so may make a smaller version.  Not sure what to do with that one so I may give it to someone as a gift.  Had so much fun making the shade.  It only took a few hours and was a great thing to keep my hands busy whilst watching TV or chatting to the family. 

Making the lampshade was relaxing and therapeutic way to spend my day.  

If this inspires you give it a go yourself, post a picture of your finished shade and tag me @flourishwithlou to show me how yours turned out.

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